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Our Story

Founded in March of 2016, Amazigrace Manpower Services is one of the leading human outsourcing solution providers in Metro Manila. Providing its clients with candidates that go through rigorous screening process resulting in the best individuals to fill their positions.

Their Mission is to develop long term partnership with various institutions and establishments providing a cost effective, skilled and efficient outsourcing and human resource solutions for clients’ business requirements.

Their Vision is to be the preferred recruitment and human outsourcing solutions provider offering valuable and exceptional service to various clients in the Philippines.

Owned by Ms. Amazigrace Caramba, she believes that there is a job for every Filipino. Following her parents footsteps in the manpower industry, thus Amazigrace Manpower was born.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropic aspirations combined, backed with a competent reliable team is the reason why this company accomplished countless achievements in such a short span of time.

“Keep Moving Forward” is her personal motto and it is evident in the company culture of Amazigrace Manpower. Win or lose, they don’t look backwards for very long except to learn from it and move on to pursue new challenges.

With the company’s client base growing at a rapid rate, their story doesn’t end there.

Our Mission

We aim to develop long term partnership with various institutions and establishments by providing a cost effective, skilled and efficient outsourcing and human resource solutions for Clients business requirements.

Our Vision

To be the preferred recruitment and human outsourcing solutions provider offering valuable and exceptional level service to various Clients in the Philippines.

Our Objective

To provide job opportunities for those unemployed, skilled or non-skilled workers from the old generation to the new generation.

To recruit/hire/trained/motivate and kept those key personnel for a more competitive and leading manpower provider in hotels/restaurants and other various institutions or industries in the Philippines.

Our Company Strengths

Competitive Manpower Services – in the hospitality industry

Manpower Pool

Follows stringent screening process – clients get qualified and competent people

Provide quality orientation / training program prior to deployment

Monitoring of staff through the Area Coordinators

Training Facilities

List Of Clients



“Amazigrace is the best agency because we have active coordinators, who are kind and responsible to the staff. Our salary isn’t delayed and I’m so happy because of this. Thank you Amazigrace Manpower Services for giving opportunities to people like me who are looking for work. God bless and more power!”

Rownel Callo
Hired August 29, 2017
Probationary Staff Room Attendant at City of Dreams Manila

“For me Amazigrace is absolutely good and not delayed when it comes to salary. Thank you for accepting me and the other applicants/staff, and thank you for your good services.”

Danny Azcarraga Jr.
Hired January 12, 2017
Regular Staff Kitchen Helper at Relish Group / Osaka Ohsho

“Amazigrace Manpower is one of the good agencies because they give all the benefits, and they are attentive to all your concerns. The coordinator checks on us weekly and asks if we have problems with salary or work. Thank you to Amazigrace because they gave me the chance to be employed again, which enabled me to help my family. Thank you Amazigrace Manpower and God bless.”

Jefferson Santos
Hired October 10, 2016
Regular Staff Food Server at AMS and Relish Group / Wee Nam Kee

“They do a good job in the regular posting of my mandatory government contributions such as SSS, Pag-Ibig and Phil-Health. They have smooth operations, plus a salary that isn’t delayed. The coordinators also give us thorough assistance. Thank you Amazigrace for finding me a good job in a short span of time.”

Ryan Sunga
Hired October 1, 2016
Regular Staff Kitchen Staff at AMS and AM&E

“As for me, Amazigrace Manpower Services is a good company especially with our benefits. Our benefits are accurate in terms of our government benefits. They gave me a good opportunity in City of Dreams to work in Crown.”

Saskia Dela Vega
Hired July 24, 2016
Regular Staff Room Attendant at City of Dreams Manila

“I’m very thankful for Amazigrace Manpower because they were the ones who guided me from the start. They have proper distribution of our salary and I like the approach of the coordinators whenever they have concerns with us. Amazigrace Manpower paved my way to get a regular job.”

Mary Joyce Del Mundo
Hired February 15, 2017, Hired as FTE October 2, 2017
Regular Staff Dreamplay Associate at Dreamplay

“During my work experience at AmaziGrace, I was fortunate enough to have experienced to be part of the company. I have thoroughly enjoyed the work environment and professional atmosphere. Your management, direction, and guidance and counsel have been a great source of personal career satisfaction to me.

I wanted to thank you for the opportunities that have been extended to me while I have been in your company especially to my coordinator who helped me in all my work-related concerns.

Overall, my work experience at Amazigrace was positive. I was very happy with the amount of things that I have learned and experienced in the 6 months of being under with such good company.

God bless and more power!”

Richelle Mei D. Sorezo
Front Office Department at Sofitel Philippine Plaza

“Amazigrace Manpower Services is so far the best agency that I’ve encountered. They are very strict with the policies and requirements and they really are following what DOLE requires. In my 1 year of being employed to AMS my salary was never delayed, and when I verified my SSS, Pag-Ibig and Philhealth contributions, AMS is very consistent in paying my contributions. All staffs are very approachable and friendly. I would like to commend Ms. Aira Aspa because she is very dedicated and responsible with her work. She is very approachable and I thank you her for being my coordinator and a friend.”

Arman Estay
Airport Representative at Okada Manila

The service of your agency is good i receive my salary and payslip on time and the area supervisor are also concern with regards our benefits and they do their duties on time.

Edmondo Joseph Barredo
Commis III